Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break & SNAP!

Hello, dear reader!
I'm just popping in with a little update on Hello, New Day.
When I started this blog 2 months ago, I jumped in head first to the whole blogging experience.
It's been amazing and sooooo much fun!

And now that I have a tiny bit of experience under my belt, I'm going to take some time off to focus on which direction I'd like to go with Hello, New Day and to develop some fun ideas I have for the blog.

Since my kiddos are on Spring Break from school
I'll be spending more time with them and less time in front of the computer this week.

And then next week I'm attending SNAP!
This is a 3-day creative blogger conference and I'm absolutely giddy about the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the women whose creative blogs I admire so much!

I will continue to participate in Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day challenge.

My photos will show up daily
on the sidebar of Hello, New Day,
on my Instagram and Twitter feeds, and
on Hello, New Day's Facebook page.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I'll see you soon!


  1. Busy week ahead. I like this new look for your blog. And hope you implement your new blogging ideas ASAP. I have shared my green peas and fried rice recipe in response to your comment (just in case). And you have loads of fun and blessed time ahead.

    1. P.S. I am not able to comment on the pictures from your side bar so I will let you know here itself that they were all very nicely done and were such pleasure to look at.

  2. Can't wait to see what yo come up with? I already know that whatever it is will be just wonderful!


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