Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fabric Flowers and Stamped Washer Necklaces

Hello!  I've been working on a couple of small projects that I'd like to share with you.  Remember the fabric flower I showed you in my post about the Snap Conference?  Well, I did make a few more to sell at my daughter's dance company yard sale last weekend!

If you can sew on a button, then you can make these!  I tried to find a tutorial over at Riley-Blake Designs, which is the fabric company that taught me how to make these fun flower clips, but I couldn't find one.  I did find their beautiful fabric at my local fabric store, and even though I had fabric at home that I could have used, I bought some of their fun prints.  This tutorial from Creation Corner shows how I made the flowers (note:  I used alligator clips that I found at Jo-Ann's instead of the clips that Tasha used.)  So grab some fabric and a needle and thread and make some of these cute flowers!  Your daughter and her friends will love them!

A couple of month ago, I came across a beautiful blog called The 36th Avenue.  Desirée shares some absolutely gorgeous and creative projects on her blog.  One project that caught my eye was her stamped washer necklaces.  This is not a new idea, but it's one I hadn't seen before.  I was fascinated by the idea of stamping on metal and loved the fact that they could be customized to any situation.

My daughter and three of her dance company friends have been working hard for months learning a dance routine called "Tell Me" (it's set to the music "Secrets" by One Republic).  A couple of weeks ago, they performed the lyrical dance for the first time at a dance competition (and rocked it!)  I used Desirée's tutorial and made these stamped washer necklaces that Emma gave to the girls the night before they were to dance.

They loved them!  And they were so fun to make.  And who would've thought that you could find some jewelry-making supplies at The Home Depot?  I LOVE CREATIVITY!



  1. Pretty flowers, beautiful necklaces and a wonderful creative mother :)

  2. Oh i definitely have to try those hairbows out! They were SOOOOOOO cute!

  3. I love all of the crafts you are making, you are so talented! Thank you so much for the necklace...Kate LOVES it! I love the flower clips, they are darling!!


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