Saturday, February 18, 2012


     A couple of months ago my husband and I hosted a poker party.
     I'd like to say we play a regular game, but we don't.  We're lucky if we can get a game together once a year!  But when we do, it's a great time: quarter bets, good music, lots of laughing, and a little bit of Texas Hold 'em.  And now our poker parties include, I'm proud to say...a signature cocktail.  Yes, you heard me right.  My husband created a drink that is now the "house cocktail", one that is refreshing and oh so delicious.
Today's photo prompt is "drink"

     This beauty is called the "Volturi Cocktail".
     You see, at this aforementioned party of ours, my husband offered to make drinks.  He had picked up some Parrot Bay Passion Fruit Rum the day before, knowing that I enjoy fruity cocktails.  He mixed that with San Pellegrino water that we had in the refrigerator, added a touch of cranberry juice to give it some color and extra flavor, and garnished it with a slice of a clementine.

     When we tasted this concoction, we knew that he'd created a masterpiece.  But what to call it?  We threw a few names around until one of us suggested "Volturi".  Volturi are a civilized coven of vampires who enforce the laws of the vampire world in the Twilight saga.  And since the latest Twilight movie, "Breaking Dawn", was to be released the following weekend, and three of us around the table were super excited to see it, the name made perfect sense. ;)



  1. The Twilight saga is my favorite too. So, I absolutely love the name. And I have been waiting for an eternity to watch the Breaking Dawn Part 1.

  2. I sooo love (& am a wee bit envious) that you have your own 'house cocktail' - very cool indeed. I love the name, it makes it sound very exclusive. Sadly the best I would have come up with is something like 'Red Hot Poker'....LOL.


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