Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February is the New January

When January 1st rolls around and everyone else is starting fresh, making changes, and touting resolutions, I am still reeling from the holiday hustle & bustle and trying to catch my breath.  I need January to put away the Christmas decorations, get the kids back on schedule and back to school, figure out what to do with all of the sweets and treats that accumulated on the counter in December, and basically recover from the chaos (albeit fun chaos) that is Christmastime at our house.

But by February 1st, order has been restored and I am ready to “start” the new year.  For me, February is the new January.  This year I’m looking forward to changing my diet and exercise routine (er…that is, starting a diet and exercise routine) with Cathy Zielske’s MoveMore, Eat Well class at Big Picture Classes.  I’ll also continue on my journey with Project Life, documenting everyday life with Becky Higgins’ awesome system. 

This year I’ll also finish organizing my printed photos and finally get the kids’ schoolwork in some sort of presentable order.

Other goals or projects that I have to look forward to this year that I will be sharing here are:
  •       a boys’ room redo
  •       redecorating (well, really decorating since the word redecorating implies that it’s been decorated before) a 10 year old basement
  •      a laundry room makeover
  •       a garage reorganization
  •   getting my recipes organized and a monthly menu plan refined

And, let’s not forget Fat Slim Mum’s photo-a-day challenge that began today.  Today’s prompt is “your view today”.

This morning as the kids were getting ready for school, my husband opened the front door and called us all to see this stunning sunrise.  My view today makes me feel grateful to behold such beauty.

And, I couldn’t resist looking at that sunrise and saying,
“Hello, new day!”


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  1. Catherine! I love that you have a blog! It looks amazing and the posts you have done are so inspiring! This will be so fun!

  2. Hey there! Thanks so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing all of your goals. I can NOT believe that that is the view you have outside of your house. Amazing! :) Looking forward to seeing what other posts entail.

    P.S. I still have my Christmas tree up lol.

    ♡ ♡

  3. Outstanding pic Cathy! Love your profile pic as well, reminds me of the Cathy I knew back in the day! Look forward to reading your blog!

  4. Hi there! I absolutely LOVE your "view" picture. I actually found your blog when visiting :)
    I love your philosophy... I may have to start using the Feb is the new Jan thing! It would def work better with my life! haha. I am also participating in the Fat Mum Slim challenge... but the similarities don't end there... I am doing my own altered version of Project Life... and am planning to do Eat Well, Move more with Cathy. It seems that we follow many of the same blogs! :o) I am also doing One Little Word with Ali Edwards again this year. Busy busy... Hope to see you around!

  5. What a amazing color in that sunrise. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Emily! I feel so honored that you commented on my photo. Your photos are breathtaking!!!


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