Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks

     Shoes.  Some women swoon when they hear that word.  Not me.  I'm not really a "shoe gal."  My daughter is.  Every time she gets her allowance or receives gift money there's a new pair of shoes she wants to buy.  To which I say, "Really?  Why do you need another pair of shoes?" :)
     If I'm not wearing my slippers, then I'm wearing a comfortable pair of shoes.  Either mules (as close to slippers as I can get!) or tennis shoes.  Right now, these are my favorite sneakers:
Today's photo challenge prompt is "your shoes"
     Good 'ol Chuck T's.  Nothing fancy here, just classic, cute, comfy shoes.

     "Pumped up kicks", on the other hand, (besides being an awesome song), would be more like these:

For my husband, Jon:
Find them here

For my daughter, Emma:
Find these shoes here

For my son, Ethan:
I found these ones here

For my son, Elliott:
Same place as the other Mario shoes

And finally (saving the best for last!), I chose two pair for me.  One for dressy occasions (as long as I didn't have to walk in them):
Available here
How amazing are these shoes?!? They're called "MJ Love".  :)

And one pair for everyday:

Toms Shoes are so cute!




  1. I love what you chose for yourself .. they are elegant. You have a good taste.
    Warmest regards,

  2. The MJ love shoes are absolutely ADORABLE!! Love ur uplift of ur page too

  3. I sooo want your blue chucks. Really, I do! ;-)



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