Tuesday, February 7, 2012

There's No Need to Hit the Panic Button

I like that my car's keyless remote has a panic button.
When I saw today's photo prompt, this is the first "button" that came to mind.
I've never actually used the panic button on my remote before,
but I like knowing that it's there.  

Now I'm not sayin' that I've never...how shall I say it?,
freaked out before.
Oh no.
There have been a few times when I've completely lost it.

Like when I was in college and got stuck in the elevator of my dorm.
It kept going ALL THE WAY UP to the 14th floor,
then ALL THE WAY DOWN to the basement
and it wouldn't let me off.
Yep, I panicked then.

Or like when I was in New York City with my husband
and we'd just finished a lovely dinner
and I reached down to get my purse
(which I'd set on the floor but draped the strap over my knee)
and it was GONE.
Never to be seen again.  :(
Yeah, I came a bit unglued then.

Or when I went to pick up my wedding gown from the tailor
just days before the wedding
and she had washed it.
Washed my silk gown.
Silk.  That you're not supposed to get wet.
Yep, I totally freaked out then.


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  1. Oh Catherine! I have never heard these...I would have panicked too!!

    You have such a fabulous writing style!!


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