Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Not You, It's Me

That's is all about ME.  The photo-a-day prompt is "self portrait".  I could have just held my camera at arm's length and clicked, but since I'm participating in this photo challenge to challenge myself photographically, I tried a different approach.  
My husband gave me a tripod for Christmas so I set that up and used my camera's self-timer feature.  Okay, ummmmm...self-portraits are kinda weird.  Set up the shot...set the start...hurry to pose...wait...then go check the result.  It just feels a bit funny to take a photo of yourself.  It makes complete sense if you're using the self-timer for a family photo or group shot.  Then you're not the only one there.  But nope, it was just me.  Me and the cats.  Takin' pictures of me. :)

I found this awesome quote by present-day artist, Julian Bell,
with whom I agree wholeheartedly:

"Self-portraiture is a singular in-turned art.
Something eerie lurks in its fingering of
the edge between seer and seen."


  1. love your self-portrait! it is so fun to see a pic from you everyday!

    1. Thanks, Kierstin! And thanks for reading my blog!


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