Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Perfect Stranger

Today's photo-a-day prompt was "a stranger".  I had a bit of shopping to do so I entered the store, iPhone camera at the ready, with the intention of capturing a photo of a perfect stranger.  I wanted to protect the privacy of the subject so I didn't want a picture that would clearly show his/her face.  As I walked through the store, pretending to look at merchandise while really scoping out my fellow shoppers and trying to covertly photograph them, I felt very uncomfortable.  I'm sure I looked suspicious too: walking around, eyes darting back and forth as I tried to nonchalantly take photographs. :)  The pictures I did get were so blurry that I could've photographed a face after all!
I left the store a bit disheartened and headed on my way.  I pulled into the parking lot of another store and, lo and behold, there was my perfect stranger.  I slowed down, pointed my camera through the car window, and clicked.



  1. Fantastic photo of a stranger! I agree with the privacy aspect and ended up using a different shot that I initially intended. The other was a great shot of a stranger "sleeping" across from me in the Ski Lodge...but I figured I'd rather not post someones "face" on my blog. :)

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