Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kitchen Remodel Reveal

Here it is!

This is a link to our entry into the This Old House Reader Remodel Contest 2012!

Click Here to See Jon & Catherine's Kitchen Remodel

There are 6 images that show the remodel: 2 "before" photos and 4 "after" photos.
To scroll through them, click the orange arrow.

At the bottom of the first screen is a place for you to rate our project.
Slide that baby all the way over to 100 and click Submit!  Please?
And do that as many times as your little heart desires ;)
(I do think you have to exit and go back in for it to let you vote twice, or thrice, etc.)

The winner gets a 2012 GMS Sierra!  That'd be awesome!
Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for voting for our project!



  1. Voted for you 5x - felt generous lol. But really I do love the after color of the cabinets. Second, how in the heck do you REMOVE a window lol, but it looks nice! Also, the island washers seem so convenient and less space take uppy.

    1. THANKS for the votes! And for taking the time to comment like you do! I really appreciate it! Yeah, I thought the same thing about removing a window, but it really wasn't that difficult.

  2. Wow, what a transformation! Voting done - now if I'm ever in the US, I want a ride in said truck if you win, ok! LOL.

    Speaking of transformations, loving the new look of your blog Catherine. Very polished indeed.


    1. Thanks, Gawee (I never know if I should call you Gary or Gawee, or G.) Do you have a preference?

      You've got a deal on the ride! And thank you sooooo much for voting and for noticing my blog updates (I've got a bit of a problem, I think: I LOVE messing around with the look and feel and changing things around, etc. Maybe someday I'll settle on a look.) :)

      Thanks again!

    2. You can call me whichever you're comfortable with. My name is Gary, Gawee is what my sister called me when we were infants, and G is how I often sign off. I'll answer to all. And anyhoo, I've been called worse....LOL!

  3. Oh my goodness, Catherine, I LOVE your kitchen! We have tall ceilings in ours too and it's cool to see how you used art up high. Really lovely! Hope you win... best of luck!

    ~Danielle from Storypiece


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