Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What a Wonderful Time of Day - Hey!

     5:00 p.m. at our house looks like this:

Today's Photo-a-Day Challenge prompt is: 5PM

     I'm usually at my computer pinning on Pinterest finishing up chores before I start making dinner and the boys faithfully tune in to watch Arthur:

     Arthur is an animated, educational television program for kids that revolves around Arthur Read (an aardvark) and his friends and family.

     I {LOVE} Arthur.

     In fact, I'm pretty sure that when the kids are off to college, I'll still be tuning in every evening at 5.  :)

P.S. My post title is a lyric from the theme song.
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  1. It is easy to get addicted to these animations. It is the same story here too and not just restricted to 5PM. :)

  2. Arthur is a cute show. I think it is great that you are going to watch it even after the kids go to college :)


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