Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mmmm Mmmm

     Today is my husband's birthday {Happy Birthday, Sweetie}!  Birthdays around here always include really good food.  So it was fortuitous that today's Photo-a-Day Challenge prompt was "delicious."

Breakfast was a rich, chocolatey doughnut with coffee.

It was really like eating cake for breakfast.

Lunch was my daily green juice which, even though it's healthy, is delicious.

Dinner was at Outback Steakhouse and included one of their loaded baked potatoes.


Dessert was carrot cake cupcakes from Aimee's Home Cookin', my friend's catering company.

Each cupcake has just a touch of the homemade cream cheese frosting inside as well as on top.

Dang, when I lay it all out like this it's a good thing I had the juice, right?

And it's a good thing birthdays only come once a they come five times a year in this family.

Well.....of course there's also Mom's birthday, and Dad's, and oh.boy.  No wonder the scale never comes down much.  ;)

Any one of those photos could've been my photo for today's "delicious" prompt.  But it was mid-morning, and I was enjoying a cup of coffee, when I looked up and saw my little jar of chocolate-covered espresso beans. 


And since they're not as familiar as a doughnut, or juice, or baked potato, or cupcake I wanted to photograph them for my prompt.  In fact, I just discovered them about a year ago.  (Yeah, I did I, coffee-lover that I am, not know about these little gems?  I dunno.  Don't get out much, I guess.)  I went to a local coffee bar that had just opened and they put these espresso beans on top of each coffee cup lid as a garnish.

Boy oh boy, I'm tellin' ya....a hot, fresh cup of coffee just can't be beat.  Or couldn't until now.  Try eating a chocolate-covered espresso bean before sipping that hot coffee and you'll see what I mean: delicious!


  1. This is such a delicious looking post. But the last pic is the best of the lot.
    Happy birthday to your husband. May God bless him and all your family always.

  2. Nice pictures! Happy birthday to the hubby!

  3. Happy Birthday to Jon!! Looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating!!

    1. Thank you! And Happy Birthday to Brent today! We did have a great time, and I hope you do the same today.

  4. Thanks for the "plug" hon! It looks like you all had a fun day :-)

  5. OK, now I know I should have come along! (I had cheetoes for dinner.) All these pictures are great, Honey!



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