Thursday, March 15, 2012

Now, Where Was I?

     Oh yeah, I was writing a post every day to coincide with Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-Day Challenge.  I posted every day from January 31 through March 9.  Then I decided to take the weekend off.  And it turned into a looooooong 5 day weekend!

     Whaddya say we catch up?

March 10: Loud

This is my cat, Sophie.  Her "IwantacattreatandIwantitNOW" cry is very loud.  And irritating.  But she's so cute, right?


March 11: Someone You Talked to Today

Every morning, weekday or weekend, rain or shine, my husband, Jon, and I have our coffee time.  We kick back with a cuppa Joe and spend the time chatting (reminiscent of our college days spent chilling and talking for hours over coffee at Village Inn).  It's a daily ritual that I cherish and it's a wonderful way to start each day.


March 12: Fork

fork noun \ 'fòrk\ : an implement with two or more prongs
used especially for taking up (as in eating), pitching, or digging


March 13: A Sign

There is still one week until the official start of spring, but I'm tellin' ya, it sure seems like it's here already.  We're having beautiful, unseasonably warm weather (high today: 68°!) and with the time change this past weekend and the daylight lasting longer, it feels official.


March 14: Clouds

One thing I love about this daily photo challenge is that it helps me take at least one moment each day to stop, to take a breather, to be in the present moment, and to notice the things around me.  You know, like the phrase "stop and smell the roses".  Yesterday's prompt, clouds, is the perfect example of this.  Obviously I see clouds in the sky on a cloudy day, but yesterday I was actually looking at the clouds and seeing them and admiring their beauty and majesty.


And that brings us to today.  Is it really March 15 already?!?

March 15: Car

Behold the 2012 Maserati Quattroporte.  It is $130,000 of pure luxury and beauty.  Jon had the opportunity to test drive one and he brought it home for me to see.  I'll never forget the purr of the engine as it pulled into the driveway, beckoning me to come outside, to softly touch its smooth, sleek body, to sit in its supple, leather seat.  I had no idea that a car could sound so pretty.  Or feel so heavenly.......
What?!?  Oh.  Wait.  The prompt didn't say "dream car", did it?  Okaaaaay.  Here's my real photo for "car":

March 15: Car (Take Two)

I do love my Honda Odyssey.  It's a perfectly practical vehicle for our family right now.  I know that there's a certain stereotype about minivan drivers, but that doesn't bother me in the least.  This widely-held belief is that minivan drivers have the "distinctive reputation for being mothers, most likely of multiple children...(with) an unruly teen in the front seat playing with the stereo dial.  Toys and fast food wrappings litter the floorboards of the car."  Yep, that sounds like me.  Can't argue with the truth, can we?

But someday, when I am willing and able to be impractical about my car, you will find me behind the wheel of a Maserati.

Until then, thanks for stopping by, and have a fantastic day! 


  1. And meanwhile you have been clicking some breathtaking and beautiful shots. Love all the photographs of this post. Glad to have you posting again.

  2. I had to comment (make observations) on this post for a number of reasons...

    Your cat Sophie - this is amazing. Our gorgeous little Jack Russell (now in the big doggy bed in the sky) was named Sophie. And from what you have said, your Sophie runs the household just like our Sophie did! Great choice of name ;-)

    Your Jon - the way he is looking at you speaks volumes and it's lovely that you guys have 'you time'. Also, is his fave colour orange per chance? ;-)

    Your (would be) Maserati - are you serious about that price?! Cars are so cheap in the USA. That car lists in Oz at almost $270,000!!!


    1. That's awesome that your doggie was named Sophie! I am sorry that she's gone. It's so amazingly hard to lose a pet-they are just like family. And "the big doggy bed in the sky"? It's no laughing matter, but I laughed. I've never heard that before - LOL!

      Jon's favorite color is red actually. All the orange in that shot is purely coincidental! Funny, huh?

      I cannot believe the Maserati would be so much more there!!! YIKES! I've never seriously looked at pricing for Maseratis - just knew they were absurdly expensive. I found that quote on when I was writing this post. Then this morning when you said how much they are in Australia I was stunned! I checked a couple of other sources and pricing does average $130,000 here. So thanks to you, now I'll feel like I'm getting a deal when I buy mine! ;)

      Have a fantastic day, Gary, and as always, thanks for reading and commenting!


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