Monday, March 5, 2012


     Have you heard of Pinterest?  It's a website where you can keep track of all of the wonderful ideas/inspirations/products, etc. that you see on the internet.  It's kind of like the "Favorites" feature on Internet Explorer except instead of just a list of links to your favorite things, there are pictures of your favorite things.  So it's like a virtual bulletin board.  You can have many different boards and categorize them however you'd like.  Here's a screen shot of the boards that I've created and added items to:

     I'm still relatively new to Pinterest and am trying to figure some of it out.  But for now I know I love having a place to keep track of things online that I'd like to remember.  And with pictures to boot!  If you're interested in joining Pinterest, it's free, but you need to either request an invite from the website or receive an invite from a friend.  I'd be happy to send you an invitation.  Just let me know in the comments if you'd like one.

Today's Photo-a-Day Challenge prompt: A Smile

          Since today's Photo-a-Day Challenge prompt is "smile", let me share with you some things that I have "pinned" that make me smile.  And maybe they'll make you smile too.  :)

You can follow me on Pinterest here.
Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. This one's is so interesting. I think I like them all. The best one though, The Karma and the floor being made of lava. I have actually at times pretended it with my nephews. And your own smile tops it all.

    1. P.S. I would love to explore Pinterest :)

    2. You're sweet, Ruby. Thank you! I'd be happy to send you a Pinterest invite. In the sidebar of my blog is an "email me" box. If you click on that it should let you send me an email. I need YOUR email address in order to send the Pinterest invite. Or, if you'd rather, you can always go to and request an invite from them. Doing that, I believe you just wait a few days before they send you the invitation. Thanks again!

  2. This is a great post - I love the Karma one, I can sooo relate to that one!

    Oh yes and I'll take you up on your kind offer Catherine - an email is on its way requesting a Pinterest Invite. Thanx in advance, G.

  3. The floor made of lave post made me smile really big lol


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